Are the hoodies loose, small or regular?

The hoodies have an oversized fit, which means that the hoodies run quite large, but it’s meant to be like that. The body as well as the sleeves are wide fit, the sleeves are meant to be ‘puffy’. The oversized fit makes it extra comfortable to wear them. If you prefer to wear the hoodie a bit less oversized, you can always consider one size down.


Are the trackpants loose, small or regular? 

The trackpants are relaxed fit, which means that the trackpants run a bit large, but it’s meant to be like that. Thanks to the elastic waistband and the drawstring you can adjust it as wide or tight as you’d like. The length of the trackpants is regular, simply not too long and not too short.


What is the fit of your UV polo shirts?

Our UV polo shirts are slim fit. Most UV shirts are made of lycra-like materials, which results in a ‘sticky to the body’ effect. Our UV shirts wear the same as regular polo shirts, they’re breathable and light weighted. They look the same as a regular polo shirt as well, but with UPF50+ protection in the fabric.


What is the fit of the swim shorts?

The swim shorts are quite small in the waist. For every size there’s a ‘regular fit’ and a ‘slim fit’ model available. The slim fit has a bit longer hems, compared to the regular fit. Especially parents with kids who have long skinny legs can really appreciate the slim fit model. 


What is the fit of the anorak rain jackets?

The anorak rain jackets are oversized fit. The fit of our anorak rain jackets is comparable with the fit of our hoodies. Concerning the length, the jackets goes over the bum.